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Denver Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Defense

While domestic violence is a real concern that wrecks homes across the nation, it just so happens to be one of the few accusations that are often times based on lies. Whether a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend makes up false allegations out of spite, jealously or pure maliciousness, the consequences can be devastating to the person being accused.

Since there are usually no witnesses to the alleged attack, it will take the skill and ingenuity of a highly experienced Denver domestic violence lawyer to refute such allegations. If you fail to have your side of the story told by a skilled defense lawyer, you could be found guilty of a crime you didn't commit. Penalties for domestic violence may include imprisonment, probation, domestic violence classes, and you could be barred from your own home and from your own children if you are found guilty.

Attorney Chris Cessna is a former police officer and a former district attorney, everyday he draws from his former experience when defending his clients against domestic violence charges. As a former deputy district attorney, Mr. Cessna prosecuted hundreds of domestic violence cases. He is not only aware of what is involved, but he knows how the prosecution will build their case against you. He will use his knowledge, skills and experience to build a powerful and compelling case on your behalf.

For your convenience, the firm's practice areas are outlined below. For more information, please contact Mr. Cessna without delay.

Child Abuse

When domestic violence allegations involve a child, you must be aware that you are facing harsher ramifications. Whether you are facing charges of sexual abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse, it's absolutely critical that you involve a Denver child abuse attorney at the onset of your investigation. Chris Cessna will exhaustively research every aspect of your case and meticulously prepare the case as if it were to go to trial. Read more about child abuse

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to violence between spouses, couples, family members, people who live together and people who have a child in common. Because there are often no witnesses to the alleged crime, many domestic violence accusations are entirely based on lies. Lies that are meant to harm the alleged attacker's reputation and sometimes they are meant to bar the person from accessing their own children. Read more about domestic violence

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

If you are being charged with spousal abuse or child abuse, you must exercise your right to legal counsel regardless of your guilt or innocence. If convicted, you could be facing imprisonment, fines, and the burden of carrying a criminal record around for the rest of your life. As a former police officer and deputy district attorney, Mr. Cessna has the legal skill that you need to fight your domestic violence charges. Read more about a domestic violence defense attorney

The Fast Track Trap

Under Colorado's domestic violence mandatory arrest police, when a police officer responds to a domestic violence call and he or she has reason to believe that domestic violence has occurred, they must make an arrest on the spot. The following day, the defendant appears in court for the alleged attack, this is called the Fast Track Proceeding. Read more about the Fast Track trap

Orders of Protection

Immediately following a domestic violence arrest, the court will issue a mandatory protection order, which is also referred to as an order of protection. The protection order will remain in force until your sentence is complete, or until you have been cleared or your charges dismissed. In general you will be ordered to stay out of your home and away from the alleged victim. Read more about orders of protection

Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a court-issued order sought by domestic violence victims for protection. Although there are different restraining orders, they serve the same purpose; to keep the abuser away from the alleged victim. In Colorado a victim can seek a restraining order to prevent bodily injury, to prevent domestic violence, to prevent emotional abuse and to prevent stalking. Read more about restraining orders

Spousal Abuse

Although domestic violence is a crime that affects many relationships, it commonly affects the relationship between husband and wife. Sadly, there are many instances where a spouse makes false claims of spousal abuse during a divorce or a heated child custody battle. Often times the alleged victim makes up vicious lies hoping the lies will give them an edge in court proceedings. Read more about spousal abuse

The Political Agenda

Over the years men have been the target of various feminist groups who have pushed domestic violence laws through most state legislatures. If you feel you are being wrongly targeted or prosecuted, we urge you to contact our office immediately. Men can be the victims of domestic violence just like women; however, men are less inclined to report such abuse out of fear or embarrassment. Read more about the political agenda

Winning Motions

Over the course of his career, attorney Chris Cessna has researched and drafted motions that have proven critical in winning his clients' cases. Read more about winning motions

Denver Domestic Violence Attorney

Aside from sexual assault cases, domestic violence allegations are perhaps some of the most intimate and personal allegations anyone could possibly face. Not only that, but they can be some of the most emotionally volatile types of accusations a person can endure. When you consider that the relationship with your spouse and your children, and even your ability to enter your own home or bear a firearm are threatened, then you begin to realize how critical it is for you to seek the advice of a highly experienced domestic violence lawyer.

Attorney Chris Cessna is more than a criminal defense attorney; he is also a former prosecutor and a former police officer. These are two credentials that will only help you build a stronger defense. To begin protecting your family and your liberty, contact the Law Office of Chris H. Cessna today.

Get the help you need today, contact a Denver domestic violence lawyer from the firm to schedule your initial consultation.

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