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Denver Domestic Violence Attorney

Active Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges: Call (303) 720-7280

IMPORTANT: If you are arrested for domestic violence in Colorado - DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY AT ANY FAST-TRACK PROCEEDING. DEMAND AN ATTORNEY AND PLEAD NOT GUILTY! Then call Attorney Chris Cessna at 303-456-1600.

While domestic violence is a very real and terrible occurrence, it is a sad truth that there are those who will wrongly accuse another of this crime. Spouses and significant others are often arrested for domestic violence based solely on another individual's jealousy or anger. If you or a loved one have found yourself in a situation such as this, you should not hesitate to secure the legal assistance that you deserve.

Chris Cessna is a former police officer and state prosecutor who has handled 1,000s of domestic violence cases.

We have been in the business of domestic violence defense long enough to know how serious offenses of this nature can be. The consequences can be long-lasting and accusations often tear families apart. Our Denver domestic violence attorney is committed to protecting the rights of those who have been accused and working tirelessly to achieve a favorable outcome.

Our firm is committed to protecting your rights!

Chris Cessna's experience enables him to approach each case with confidence and decision, something his clients benefit from. Chris has trained himself to identify the weak points in a domestic violence case and capitalize on those every step of the way.

Chris Cessna has experience handling all of the following cases:

  • Child abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Orders of protection
  • Restraining orders
  • Spousal abuse
  • The Fast Track trap

Being convicted with domestic violence can prevent you from having close contact with your loved ones, owning firearms, and even obtaining certain employment. You cannot afford to risk your future by going without a skilled defense attorney on your side.

Call (303) 720-7280 for Immediate Representation

When searching for an attorney to handle your case, it's important to find someone who has a great deal of knowledge, experience, and success in defending against domestic violence charges. Denver domestic violence defense attorney Chris Cessna is one of those attorneys. He is backed by a track record of success and years of experience.

Don't wait to consult with our firm. We are prepared to spring into action the moment you call, so get in touch with The Law Office of Christopher H. Cessna today.

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Denver Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer
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